Perspectives & Movies for Architecture,
Design of VR/AR/MR experiences and virtual environments

Spectrum Immersive Architecture is an agency specializing in architectural visualization (perspectives and animated films) and in the creation of content and virtual environments (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality).
We advise and support professionals in the definition and creation of their visual and virtual communication tools.

It is divided into 3 areas: Perspectives & Films, Immersive Design and Immersive Scanning

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Architectural perspectives and moovies

In its perspectives & movies division, Spectrum develops the creation of photorealistic rendering images, animations movies and 360° virtual tour.

She advises professionals in the real estate sector, architects, urban planners, project managers and project owners, while ensuring they are supported as much as possible in their development projects.

Design of virtuals environnements in VR/AR/MR

Immersive expériences in VR/AR/MR

Led by a team of architects, Immersive Design is a service entirely dedicated to the creation of immersive experiences in Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality.

Specialized in modeling / texturing, we bring our architectural expertise to the experiences of tomorrow.

We offer a virtual environment modeling service (optimized and textured) for real-time use and a service for creating immersive applications in VR / AR / RM.


Photogrammetry, laser scan 3d for xr

We have developed our skills in photogrammetry in order to be able to offer a reality capture service. We use this technique by optimizing each scanned object (geometry, texturing) for real-time 3D use. The capture of the real and its transposition makes it possible to offer a high quality photorealistic content for custom projects.

The AX (Architectural Experience) is enhanced by the Immersive Scanning/Immersive Design combination.