Immersive scanning: Photogrammetry & 3D scanning for VR/AR/MR

We have developed our skills in photogrammetry in order to be able to offer a  reality capture services  and more photo-realism in your experiments.

We use this technique by optimizing each scanned object (geometry, texturing) for real-time 3D use in order to link the virtual reality world to the real one. Thanks to our network and the 3D scan technologie we can manage your project whatever its scale.


Photogrammetry: Re-constructing reality

Photogrammetry is the discipline of taking measurements from photographs. It deducts the scene geometry from a set of non-ordered photographs or videos. Photography is the projection of a 3D scene on a 2D plane, thus losing depth information. The purpose of photogrammetry is to reverse this process by recreating a 3D model from a 2D surface. This 3D will retain the real texture information that will be projected onto the 3D mesh. reconstituted

3D Laser Scan: For a perfect capture

We can combine the photogrammetry technique with 3D Lasar Scan acquisitions that allow a better capture of the environment or object in some cases.


Our project

Use Case: A virtual Museum using photogrammetry of artwork

This project developed in our Immersive Design division reuses 3D scans of works of art in photogrammetry made by differents museums

Our solutions


Development of public museum collections, private art gallery collections, 3D archiving and documentation, support for scientific study, development of inaccessible collections, heritage, retail, collection and brand.


Digitization can be applied to sites of different nature and scale. Particularly useful to communicate to the public or to your employees, you can use this medium coupled with virtual reality to highlight a site that is geographically difficult to access.

Pre-existing areas: archaeological sites, heritage areas, architectural and real estate buildings, fire zones, crime scenes, industrial areas (workshops, hazardous areas, machinery, etc.).
Thanks to our network of partners, we can offer drone and laser capture if required.



This service works in synchronicity with our immersive design department, which creating the environment that hosts your scans.


From these reconstructions we are able to offer you 360° image and video recordings


Our skills

We take our photogrammetric shots in our dedicated studio and take the 3D Laser Scan shots and work with a surveyor to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Thanks to our R&D-developed workflow and protocol, we adapt textures and file sizes to the platform and medium you will be using. If necessary, we correct any inconsistencies in the textures with your approval.

We recover your data in .obj .fbx .3ds or.ply format and optimize them to suit your new project. This service is particularly dedicated to cultural institutions that would like to give a second life to previous work.

The purpose of this medium is in particular the passage between a reconstituted real object and a virtual environment in which you can apprehend this reconstitution.

Creation of a pack to be reused in a Unity or Unreal video game editor

We share with you the source files (Photographs, Point Cloud, Mesh) of the capture and the files optimized for real time in.fbx or.obj format. You can then distribute them on a social network such as sketchfab or reuse them in several years.


Frequently asked questions

If you have a project in mind, it naturally has its own characteristics depending on what you want or don't want to implement within your experience. The cost and the time needed for its development will then depend on various factors such as the complexity of the models to be transcribed via photogrammetry. We offer photo acquisition up to the creation of real time spaces, but we can also reuse your existing models and create an adapted environment. This is why it is essential to request a quote so that we can quantify the scope of your project, free of charge.

We frame from the photo to the creation of space in real time we can also reuse your existing templates and create an adapted environment. This is why it is essential to request a quote so that we can estimate the scope of your project, free of charge.

Technically to all objects and/or environments.

We have a photo studio and equipment that allows us to manage the acquisition of small and medium sized objects and restricted spaces. For larger scale projects we have a network of experienced partners for the capture of objects on a monumental, building or aerial acquisition scale.

There is one category of object that is subject to difficulty: objects with a reflective surface such as glass. Solutions exist, but not all of them allow to keep the original mesh and textures. If some objects are very complex to obtain with a satisfactory result, then we will have to optimize and correct the model in post-production.

The other category are animated objects such as vegetation, humans and animals for obvious issues of imperceptible movements (trembling, wind). For these subjects we realize collaborations with studios having the necessary infrastructure.

We are in favour of democratizing this process. When you have placed your order with us, the result is yours. Also, we allow you to obtain the object reconstituted in 3D in a multitude of formats that can be reopened and reused easily and without necessarily suitable software. Your items will also be viewable on our sketchfab platform.

When we carry out a project, we make sure that we set up a whole set of tests to check that no problems can occur during the future use of the immersive solution. However, if a technical problem arises after the delivery of the project, and if it is related to our development, we will resolve it as soon as it is reported.